Tips To Produce Healthy Bacteria


Bacteria penetrate inside our mouths regularly. Although, when harmful bacteria penetrate, this can introduce adverse health conditions, not just with our oral health, which may require dental emergency treatment. One thing to consider is that you can actually produce healthy bacteria. Funny enough, bacteria within us is usually healthy, however, if your oral health is […]

How Smoking Damages Your Teeth?

A person smoking a cigarette damaging teeth

Are you a regular smoker? Do you notice a change in how your teeth look? Your teeth are likely to degrade as time goes on and smoking is a major culprit of this. Furthermore, you could eventually lose your teeth. Of course, you’re probably aware of the adverse health conditions, and understandably smoking can be […]

Fluoride – What You Need To Know

man brushing his teeth with fluoride

Your mouth needs the right minerals every day in order to keep your teeth and gums strong. A healthy smile is dependent on the sources that you consume from your favourite food and drink. One of the key sources that protect your teeth and your smile is Fluoride. What Is Fluoride? Fluoride is a mineral […]

Tips And Remedies For Healthy Gums


Most people tend to overlook their gums when it comes to looking after their oral health. Most people assume that looking after oral health requires just cleaning their teeth twice a day. There is much more to your oral health than this, including the underlying gum that holds your teeth in place. Without strong oral […]

The Importance of Strong Oral Hygiene

Brushing teeth as part of oral hygiene

Underestimating the importance of a strong oral hygiene routine is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Healthy teeth play an important role in the quality of our lives because of the confidence that it brings. With a confident smile, you’re more likely to experience some life-changing habits and benefits. Our appearance and impressions […]

Why Are Oral Check-Ups Important?

a woman smiling beautifully

If you think that you should only visit the dentist if you have a problem with your oral health, then you thought wrong. Your oral health is one of the important parts of your daily routine that you need to look after. Therefore, your diary should be full of regular dental check-ups. It is recommended […]

What Happens During An Oral Examination?

parkdale family dental welcoming patients

Regular oral examinations are essential as part of your oral care routine. However, what actually happens during an oral examination? If you haven’t visited a dental practice before, not understanding what happens during an oral examination can lead to feeling anxious before an appointment. You may be thinking about moving to another dental practice and […]

What To Expect When Visiting a Hygienist For Check Up And Clean Treatment


The benefits of regular visits to the dentist for a check-up and clean treatment are significant. Not only do regular visits help to aesthetically improve your appearance, but it also promotes confidence, self-esteem, and overall wellbeing. If you care about your teeth, your first visit to the hygienist should carry no concerns. Either way, it […]