Tips To Produce Healthy Bacteria

Bacteria penetrate inside our mouths regularly. Although, when harmful bacteria penetrate, this can introduce adverse health conditions, not just with our oral health, which may require dental emergency treatment. One thing to consider is that you can actually produce healthy bacteria. Funny enough, bacteria within us is usually healthy, however, if your oral health is neglected, it can quickly turn into harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth in the process.

Harmful bacteria are linked to tooth decay and gum disease. If your oral hygiene is poor, these are the consequences. On the other hand, if your oral routine is strong, you will have no problems.

If you’re seeking advice on how to reduce bacteria inside your mouths and create more healthy bacteria, follow these tips:

Drinks that are bad for your teeth

Change Your Diet

Harmful bacteria are formed from what goes inside your mouth. This also goes for your diet. If your diet comprises high-levels of sugar, you’re attracting bad bacteria. This and sugar combine together to build acid, damaging your gums and teeth in the process. Candy, soda and wine are examples of high-levels of sugar. Whilst you may brush your teeth after consuming sugar, you’re still at risk of tooth decay because sugar will have begun penetrating on your teeth, opening the door to damage.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking damages health, as we all know. This also means damage to your teeth and gums. Smoking harms your microorganisms, causing bacteria build-up. The more you smoke, the more you damage your immune system. This reduces its chance to fight off harmful bacteria and opens the door for tartar and gum disease. Read here to learn more about how smoking can damage your teeth.

Eat Organic Foods Containing Calcium

Calcium and fibre are two nutritious ingredients that can reduce the chances of harmful bacteria. As part of your balanced diet, improve your calcium intake to promote remineralization, a process of providing your enamel and teeth the right minerals it needs to keep your teeth strong. Eat fruit and vegetables often as part of a balanced diet. You will also reduce the chances of tooth decay.

Diet containing sugar and acidManage Glucose Levels

If you suffer from conditions such as diabetes that require you to manage your glucose levels, ensure that your diet contains fibre and calcium whilst only eating foods containing sugar at a certain threshold. Harmful bacteria can fluctuate your glucose sugar levels, but eating more fibre can keep the bad bacteria away. Controlling your diabetes is actually very important in maintaining positive oral health.

Most of the mouth is made up of healthy bacteria. Although, this can change significantly at a rapid rate if you do not keep your mouth clean. It is that simple. Harmful bacteria will penetrate to attack your teeth and cause all sorts of problems. Therefore, what your mouth consumes is vitally important, as is your oral routine.

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