Braces in Parkdale

Whether you need to make slight adjustments to your teeth or need to significantly move them, braces are a great treatment option. Braces are a common orthodontic treatment that doctors have used for years to adjust teeth.

While there are new treatment methods, none are as precise and well-researched as braces. Braces are the preferred treatment option for many patients because they are a fast treatment option and are effective at managing complex orthodontic issues.

Our team at Parkdale Family Dental offers braces to patients who want to straighten their teeth. Braces are a safe and reliable method for making adjustments to your smile, and any patient can have success with braces. Schedule a consultation today to discuss our process for braces.

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What Are Braces?

Braces have brackets that attach to the teeth and wires that pull the brackets and teeth into a better position. While other treatment options are available to patients with orthodontic issues, braces are still a great choice for many situations.

Other orthodontic solutions force teeth into place by pushing them with aligners. Braces use hardware to pull the teeth into alignment with force, which is usually a faster and more effective treatment.

Who Would Be a Good Candidate for Braces in Parkdale?

Braces are best for patients who have more complex orthodontic issues. Other treatments are great for small alignment adjustments. However, braces are best for closing large gaps or significantly moving teeth within the mouth. Braces are also the most precise treatment option. Patients will end their braces treatment with perfectly aligned teeth.

People who have trouble with commitment and discipline would also be great candidates for braces over other orthodontic treatments. You cannot remove braces, so once you start this treatment, you have to finish it. Since you have to wear braces all the time, they are not the most attractive treatment option, but they are the best for people who might otherwise not follow their treatment plan, like young kids.

How Does Dental Hygiene Work With Braces?

Patients who wear braces need to keep up with their oral hygiene. Since braces are attached to the teeth and require a lot of equipment in the mouth at all times, food particles can easily make their way into the braces. If not taken care of, these particles can lead to cavities and patterns of discoloration when our orthodontist removes the braces.

Patients with braces need to thoroughly brush their teeth in the morning, at night, and after eating. This consistent brushing will prevent large food particles from getting stuck in the braces. When brushing, patients should make sure they clean around each bracket of their braces.

Patients should also floss regularly. This process is a bit more involved for people with braces than for people without them. Threading the floss through the wire to access the space between the teeth is important. Our orthodontists can give you tools to help with this process.

Patients will also need to make regular trips to our office after getting braces. At Parkdale Family Dental, we offer both dental and orthodontic services, so we can schedule your dental cleanings around your orthodontic appointments. With this easy scheduling, you won’t have to make trips to our office as frequently.

What Is the Benefit of Braces Over Other Orthodontic Methods?

Today, there are several treatment options in orthodontics. With the help of our team, you can decide which is the best plan for you. At Parkdale Family Dental, we offer braces to patients of all ages who are facing a variety of orthodontic problems.

Braces are the fastest treatment option available, which means that the treatment might be more painful than other options because your teeth are moving faster. However, you will have straight teeth sooner than with other options.

Throughout your braces treatment, you will need to make frequent visits to our orthodontist for adjustments. These appointments can be tedious, but they let us stay up to date on your treatment. This information is important and allows us to confirm that your treatment is working properly.

Braces are also more precise. Since they use wires and other hardware to pull the teeth into place, braces can align the teeth with much more precision than other treatments.

If you are interested in straightening your teeth with braces, contact our team at Parkdale Family Dental today at (03) 9580 2036.