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While we all can take steps to care for our oral health, dental problems inevitably arise throughout life. They can appear as early as 1 year old or as late as 60 years old. Nevertheless, oral health issues don’t have to turn into major problems or break the bank. At Parkdale Family Dental, we can help you get to the root of your oral health problems and maintain healthy teeth and gums in the long term.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Parkdale, give us a call to schedule an appointment at our accredited dental practice. Our team of dentists have years of experience providing compassionate care with the most modern technology — all at an affordable cost..

Our dental clinic aims to address each patient’s oral health concerns, regardless of age or severity of the condition. We offer a variety of dental services, including braces, Invisalign, and other general dentistry treatments, which can be done under general anaesthesia (GA) for patients with anxiety. We are affiliated with local private hospitals in case the need for GA arises, and we accept health funds for all oral health care services. Contact us today!

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Dental Implants

Dental implants can provide an excellent solution if you’re unhappy with your smile or teeth. Implants provide a permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth, and they offer the normal functions of a healthy tooth. They are proven to restore your confidence and improve your appearance.


Invisalign treatment stands out as a highly effective, convenient alternative to traditional long-term metal braces, and there are no retainer wires to clean. This treatment includes invisible aligners that straighten your teeth without compromising aesthetics. The aligners can treat mild to severe alignment issues as well as bite problems.


One of the most common treatments used in modern orthodontics, braces effectively address jaw problems and bite issues. Braces offer a highly effective solution for treating malocclusions and facial irregularities using brackets and wires that help adjust the position of each tooth for proper alignment.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is vital for maintaining your oral health and keeping your teeth, gums, and jaw healthy. We recommend that you visit our dental clinic on a regular basis for inspection, cleaning, dental X-rays, and other dental care to focus on preventative care and avoid more serious problems.

Dental Emergency

If you have accidentally chipped, broken, or lost a tooth, head to Parkdale Family Dental immediately for advice and an immediate solution. We will determine the best repair option for your problem and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Children’s Dentistry

Dentists recommend that children have their first visit to the dentist at 1 year old. This is to make sure oral hygiene starts early to avoid serious oral problems after a few years. Let us show you how having regular check-ups and professional cleaning can help your child improve their oral health in the long term.

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Meet Parkdale Dentist


Influenced by her family and friends in the health sciences, Dr. Nidhi knew from an early age that she wanted to be in a profession that would allow her to help others, use her creativity and challenge her thinking all at the same time. Dentistry has allowed her to do just that!


Meet Parkdale Dentist

DR. PAUL Sylivris

Graduating in 1983 from Melbourne University, Dr Paul began practicing in Box Hill and Highett for 3 years, followed by opening a new surgery in Berwick. Being outer suburban, Berwick Village flourished, so he spent the next 35 years building up a lovely 3 man practice.


Meet Parkdale Dentist


Dr Ankita has over 10 years of general dental experience as both a dental nurse and dentist. I have personally had the pleasure of working closely with Dr Ankita before moving to Parkdale, where she worked with me as my dental assistant and built wonderful relationships with our patients. After completing a rigorous set of exams . . .


Meet Parkdale Dentist


Dr Yea Lee graduated with Dr Nidhi from the University of Adelaide in 2009 and has been doing regular locum dental shifts all across Australia over the past 12 years! She loves the challenge and opportunity to bring her expertise in dentistry to many different practices and patients! Dr Nidhi is super excited to be able to . . .