Veneers in Parkdale

If you are unhappy with your smile, you have a lot of options to choose from. Teeth veneers are a common option for making alignment adjustments, changing the shape and color of your teeth, and improving the overall appearance of your smile. Getting veneers on your teeth can be an involved process, but it yields great results.

At Parkdale Family Dental, we offer top-quality veneers for our patients. Whether you want veneers for cosmetic purposes or need them to solve a dental issue, we are here to help. Schedule a consultation with us to find out if you would be a good candidate for veneers.

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What Are Teeth Veneers?

Teeth veneers are a type of restorative dentistry. The veneers are made of porcelain and are fixed over a patient’s existing teeth. Teeth veneers change the appearance of your teeth and can help with alignment issues, discoloration after root canal therapy, and weakened or damaged teeth. Veneers can even help straighten teeth or change the shape of your teeth.

Whether you want to have a brighter smile or need to fix a dental issue, veneers could be the right choice for you.

What Is the Process for Getting Teeth Veneers in Parkdale?

The process for getting veneers can be a bit involved. Usually, patients will come in for three appointments. At the first appointment, our specialist will confirm that you are a good candidate for veneers.

You will also discuss what you want your teeth to look like at the end of the process. Your dentist will ask questions about how you want your teeth to look, like what color they should be and what shape they should be. You will also discuss whether you will get veneers on all of your teeth or just some of them.

At your second appointment, we will prepare your teeth for veneers. For the porcelain shells to fit over your teeth, our team will shave down your tooth enamel. Your natural tooth will still be there, it will just be a lot smaller. Once this process is done for all of your teeth, you will leave with temporary veneers while waiting for the porcelain ones to be made.

You will get your final veneers at your last appointment. We will remove the temporary veneers and attach the final ones. As long as you are satisfied with how they look, we will permanently bond the veneers to your natural teeth. You will leave this appointment with a new smile.

Who Would Be a Good Candidate for Teeth Veneers?

Since getting veneers is a cosmetic dentistry treatment, anyone can get teeth veneers. One thing to consider is that if you are getting veneers for cosmetic purposes, your dental insurance will not cover the cost of treatment. You will need to pay out of pocket for the veneers, which can get expensive.

If you need veneers because you have weak or damaged teeth, then your insurance might pay for the treatment. This all depends on your insurance plan and the state of your oral health. Our team will need to communicate to your insurance company that your treatment is necessary to save your teeth.

If you are interested in getting teeth veneers to enhance your smile, contact our team at Parkdale Family Dental today at (03) 9580 2036. We provide personalized dental care to help you get back your confidence and oral health.