Dentures in Parkdale

Missing or damaged teeth can cause patients to lose confidence in their smiles. These conditions can also lead to other dental problems or difficulties. If you are missing teeth or need to have multiple teeth removed, you should consider getting dentures.

Whether you want to fill a gap between some teeth or need to replace a full mouth of teeth, dentures can be the right solution for you.

At Parkdale Family Dental, we offer dentures to patients who have experienced significant tooth loss. We want to help you restore your smile and gain your confidence back.

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are tools that dentists use to enhance the smile of someone who has missing teeth. Dentures have improved greatly over the years due to new technology in the dental field. Years ago, dentures looked fake and were uncomfortable to wear. Today, patients who visit us at Parkdale Family Dental can get dentures that fit their mouth, look natural, and feel comfortable.

Dentures fit your gums and are removable. Unlike dental implants, dentures are not permanently fixed in your mouth and do not require surgery. If you have dentures, you will need to regularly clean them on top of practicing proper dental care.

When Would Someone Need Dentures?

Dentures are ultimately necessary when your teeth are missing or need to be removed. Anyone with missing or decayed teeth will benefit from dentures, and they are a great option for people whose teeth cannot be fixed with cleaning or other treatments.

Many different conditions and diseases can cause people to lose their teeth. Whether you suffer from untreated cavities, gum disease, or an injury that knocked your teeth out, dentures can give you your smile back.

When you lose teeth, you can experience problems with speaking and chewing. Missing teeth can also cause your face to sag around your mouth, as well as increase the risk of infection in your mouth.

Most patients with missing teeth do not have confidence in their appearance or smile. If you find yourself in that situation, dentures might be an excellent treatment option to restore your beautiful smile.

How Are Dentures Made and Used?

When getting dentures, you will need to visit our office for a preparation appointment. At this visit, your dentist will remove all of your damaged teeth. You will then need to wait for your mouth to heal.

At the next appointment, your dentist will make a mold of your mouth. This mold will allow our team to create dentures that perfectly fit your mouth and gums. As you can imagine, having a perfect fit will prevent the dentures from sliding around and will ensure that they feel comfortable on your gums.

Once the dentures are created, you will come in to make sure they fit properly. At this point, we can make small adjustments to make sure the dentures are comfortable for you.

Once you have determined that you are happy with your new smile, you are done! After that, you will only need to come back for regular checkups and cleanings to make sure that everything is working well in the long run.

If you are interested in improving your oral health by getting dentures, our team at Parkdale Family Dental is here for you. Call (03) 9580 2036 today for personalized care that will give you a healthy and beautiful smile again.