How Smoking Damages Your Teeth?

Are you a regular smoker? Do you notice a change in how your teeth look? Your teeth are likely to degrade as time goes on and smoking is a major culprit of this. Furthermore, you could eventually lose your teeth.

Of course, you’re probably aware of the adverse health conditions, and understandably smoking can be difficult to stop. Although, not only will you be doing your overall health a favour, but your smile will also be saved.


Below outlines how smoking can damage your teeth.

Build Up Of Plaque And Tartar

The chemicals in tobacco products can impact your salivary glands and limit the amount of saliva produced in the mouth. Your saliva protects your mouth and keeps it clean, and when the saliva dries up, you experience dry mouth. Inadvertently, you’re also introducing plaque and tartar build-up. Plaque is a yellow pale and sticky substance that forms on teeth owing to food debris becoming stuck in the mouth and from cigarettes. If plaque continues to remain, it hardens into tartar. Tartar is hard to remove, even at a check-up and clean appointment.

Gum Irritation

Smokers are more likely to develop problems with their gums and even at a faster rate. When experiencing gum irritation, this causes gums to loosen in and around your teeth. This makes it easier for bacteria to penetrate within the gums and cause weakened gums and tooth decay. Also, when brushing your teeth, your gums are likely to bleed easily. Maintain healthy bacteria in the mouth with these tips.

Darkens Tooth Shade

As a smoker, you’re probably aware that your teeth are slowly changing colour to a darker yellow shade. You will also develop deep stains within the teeth, damaging your smile.

Reduces Blood Circulation

Smoking reduces blood flow and causes infections. Also, you’re also unlikely to heal fast enough from any dentistry treatments. The recovery process is slow and laboured and you’ll experience more irritation and sensitivity inside the mouth.

A cigarette bud

Weaker Bones

Smoking can cause periodontal disease, and this has an adverse impact on your bones. The infection can spread into your jawbone as bone density begins to weaken. When bone becomes damaged, so does your facial structure, because your jawbone keeps your tooth structure.

We do not need to tell you how much impact smoking has on your overall health, this also includes your teeth and gums. If you’re wondering how to save your smile, make sure that you quit smoking as early as possible. This is because the more you damage your oral health, the less likely you’d be eligible for cosmetic treatments to save your smile. Seek advice from our Parkdale dentists to learn more about it or seek a recommendation to save your oral health.

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