Fluoride – What You Need To Know

Your mouth needs the right minerals every day in order to keep your teeth and gums strong. A healthy smile is dependent on the sources that you consume from your favourite food and drink. One of the key sources that protect your teeth and your smile is Fluoride.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral property that naturally occurs within foods and water. You may also aware that fluoride occurs in toothpaste. It has been considered to be decay-resistant, subsequently making your teeth stronger and clear from any harmful diseases or bacteria. The introduction of fluoride toothpaste is an easy and cost-affordable option to promote better oral health.

Brushing teeth as part of oral hygiene

Benefits of Fluoride To Your Teeth

Protection from Bacteria

Most of our mouths actually contain healthy bacteria. Fluoride is a great weapon to protect your teeth from harmful bacteria and tooth decay. The enamel, which resides as the outer layer of your teeth, is the hardest substances in the body, and continuously protects your smile from becoming discoloured and exposing the underlying dentin. When the dentin is exposed, your teeth become yellow.

Enamel Remineralization

Fluoride also helps the body better use minerals such as calcium and phosphate. Both of these properties are what your enamel needs to promote remineralization of your enamel, which is especially important if your enamel is weak.

Prevention of Cavity

A weak enamel also puts your mouth in danger of cavities and enamel erosion. Cavities form when plaque build-up occurs inside your mouth, and harmful bacteria plus acid formed from sugars combine together to attack your teeth. This forms a hole at the centre of the tooth. Therefore, keeping your enamel strong helps to prevent this from happening. Fluoride can help protect you from this.

Less Dental Visits

Many people try to avoid visiting the dentist as much as possible. With proper oral hygiene consisting of eating the right properties for your enamel and brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, you’re not likely to visit the dentist for any dental concerns, rather just a check-up. A strong oral routine keeps harmful bacteria away from your mouth, keeping your teeth healthy. Brushing your teeth with fluoride is a great step as part of your oral routine.

Healthy teeth with water

Food And Drink Sources Of Fluoride

The amount of fluoride can fluctuate depending on the amount of food and drink you consume that contains different trace amounts. Children typically need 0.5mg of fluoride a day, whereas adults should consume 3-4mg a day.

Fluoride is concentrated in many of our natural food and drink we consume. Below lists the top sources of fluoride in food and drink.

  • Spinach and Other Vegetables – Spinach contains 0.07mg of fluoride per cup and contains Vitamin C, a vital property that keeps your immune system strong. Plus, spinach can be formed as part of a balanced diet. Boiled vegetables such as carrots also contain great sources.
  • Black Tea – Brewing your black tea produces more fluoride traces. Although, be aware that high consumption of black tea can stain your teeth!
  • Potatoes – If you bake your potato, the number of fluoride increases.
  • Water – The amount of fluoride fluctuates with drinking water. All water contains fluoride and has proven to reduce decay by more than 50%.

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