Invisalign vs Braces: How To Know Which Suits Me

invisalign vs braces

It can be challenging to decide on the best form of treatment for your oral health needs. The dentist can assess your oral health and decide the best course of action to restore the alignment of your smile in this situation. Have you considered orthodontic treatment if you’re unhappy with your smile and looking to […]

What To Do When My Teeth Keep Falling Out?

what to do when teeth keep falling out

Nobody likes to lose their permanent teeth, yet it can suddenly happen out of nowhere. When it does, it should raise concerns about your dental health. We always hope that as adults, teeth will remain strong and durable forever. Teeth naturally fall out when we are youngsters as a part of growth and development. A […]

What Do Healthy Teeth Look Like? Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Teeth Whitening Tips

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the foundation of strong teeth and gums. When neglecting your teeth and gums, you’ll start to see those niggling imperfections uncovering your teeth and gums, which will require urgent visits to the dentist.  It’s not just all about how your teeth and gums look. Research continues to link oral health […]

Denture Care: How To Clean My Dentures

Clean Dentures

Your dentures work in the same way that your natural teeth do. Although, just like your natural teeth, your dentures need to be cleaned and cared for as well. When you get your dentures fitted, the dentist will give you aftercare instructions so you know how to clean them. If you’re seeking to understand more […]

Laser Teeth Whitening vs Zoom Teeth Whitening – Which Is Better?

laser teeth whitening

Naturally, everybody wants results to happen quickly. That’s why patients tend to turn towards over-the-counter whitening products to get white teeth as fast as possible. Although, getting fast results doesn’t always mean that they’re sustainable.  Over-the-counter whitening products whilst can deliver short-term results, but they’re not necessarily recommended as long-term solutions. Hence, people are likely […]

Laser Teeth Whitening – Pros and Cons

laser dentistry device

There are a plethora of teeth whitening options available to lighten the shade of your smile to show off those pearly whites. One of the more popular options is teeth whitening. Sometimes, even a strong oral routine at home cannot keep away niggling stains and imperfections that damage your smiling confidence. The missing ingredient is […]

Facts About Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening treatment has never been popular like it is today. It is now a very popular cosmetic treatment choice to deliver the missing shine in those pearly whites. Also, it keeps oral health and overall well-being intact. Teeth Whitening consists of removing stubborn stains formed through plaque, tartar and discoloration on the surface of […]