Are You Unhappy With Color Of Your Teeth? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening Treatment

Whilst teeth whitening treatment is not an essential form of treatment, it still provides many benefits to your teeth and overall appearance. If you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth that hides your ability to smile, teeth whitening treatment is the best choice of treatment.

Whilst teeth whitening treatment is affordable and painless, it also delivers long-lasting results to your smile. Here are some potential reasons why your smile has degraded.

  • Regular consumption of alcohol and smoking including tobacco
  • A fat-heavy diet consisting of dark solids and liquids which form stains on your teeth
  • A generally poor oral hygiene
  • Worn down teeth due to aging
  • Other dental concerns which have not been addressed such as chipped or cracked teeth, discoloration or decayed teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Why Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Why not? There are benefits to your oral health and benefits to your general appearance with teeth whitening treatment. We’ve picked out five reasons why you should consider teeth whitening treatment to restore that hidden confidence and transform the look of your smile.

The Five Reasons

  1. It Transforms Your Self-Esteem – Along with confidence, your self-esteem increases with bright shiny teeth. You start to feel better about yourself, meaning more smiles leading to better well-being. A bright smile is a key-to-the-door for opportunity. A bright smile is infectious, and you should show it off when you’re confident enough to.
  2. No Heavy Aftercare Required – When patients leave the dentist, the first thing they would want to know is, ‘how do I maintain my white teeth?’. Well, it’s simple, develop and maintain good oral hygiene. As long as you follow dentist recommendations and eat the more clear, healthier foods, your teeth will stay white and strong for years to come.
  3. No Dangers To Your Oral Health – With a scale and polish, your oral health is positive and clear from infections or cavities. The only recommendation is that you use appropriate and genuine tooth whitening products suggested by your dentist. Do not use advertised teeth whitening products from drug stores as usually the chemicals used are not known, heightening the risk to your oral health. Consult your dentist for the mild-abrasive toothpaste that’s safe and effective.
  4. You Look More Youthful – White teeth demonstrate a more youthful appearance. You start to feel more attractive within yourself and feel better about yourself. With a white smile, the attention to any visible facial aesthetics such as wrinkles is hidden, meaning you look younger.
  5. Say Goodbye To Stubborn Stains and Discoloration – If you just can’t get rid of those stubborn stains when brushing and flossing your teeth, teeth whitening removes them instantly. The dark stains typically form from many years of bad hygiene including consumption of dark solids and liquids. You won’t experience anything of the sort for years with teeth whitening treatment.

Dental Implant After Care

The benefits all pointed to a happy and healthy Hollywood smile. Find out more information here and how cosmetic dentistry helps you.

Concluding Thoughts

Brightening your smile is as easy as visiting the dentist for one single appointment. If you experience tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment, this is nothing to worry about. This is expected for the initial few days after teeth whitening treatment. Use recommended toothpaste and drink regular saltwater as fast remedies to reduce sensitivity.

If you’re looking for a smile transformation, contact us at Mentone Dentist and let us advise on the best cosmetic treatment for your pearly whites. Click here to get in touch.

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