Are You Ready For Root Canal Treatment? Follow These Tips To Get Started

If you have a root canal appointment booked in with your local dentist, it is important that you’re prepared for it just in case any abnormalities occur with the tooth. Follow the Parkdale Family way to prepare yourself.

If your tooth is severely decayed, cracked or damaged beyond full-repair, it’s time to consider root canal treatment if you haven’t already. If cavities have reached the pulp of the tooth, this means your tooth is decayed and needs urgent attention. The pulp is the soft tissue located in the center of the tooth. This can become inflamed and be the cause of the pain you’re experiencing.

The dentist will perform an examination of the infected area to determine that your mouth is in a healthy enough state to perform root canal treatment to help save any remains of the teeth. If you’ve heard misconceptions that root canal treatment is painful and nerve-wracking, it’s not. Whilst you may experience some pain during the procedure, that’s just natural with any form of cosmetic treatment. A root canal is a successful form of treatment proven to have saved natural teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

The Five Tips

Before your appointment, following these precautions to get you well prepared:

  1. Take Advised Painkillers – You must reduce the inflammation in your tooth as much as possible. Its recommended that you take appropriate medication the night before the appointment. You can also take painkillers immediately before your appointment if required. Typical painkillers include Ibuprofen, Nurofen or any other safe painkillers that cause no side-effect harm. Your dentist can provide further painkiller information.
  2. Do Not Drink Alcohol Or Take Smoking Products – Abstain from alcohol or smoking for at least 2 or 3 days before the appointment. The root canal procedure can become complicated and increase recovery time.
  3. Take Adequate Overnight Rest – Sleep is important to ensure you’re fresh for your appointment. Your body needs to be energized and in a state of recovery after treatment. It is recommended that you get a minimum seven hours of sleep overnight. Your body needs plenty of energy to decrease recovery time.
  4. Change Your Diet To A Soft Diet – What is meant by soft diet is to consume lighter, softer foods immediately before and even after your appointment. Foods such as potato, vegetables and soup along with regular drinking water keep your mouth clean from debris. Even after the procedure, the anesthetic will take time to wear off. Once the pain clears and the root canal settles, consider reverting to your favorite foods!

Your Hygienist is best place to give you diet and hygiene adivce. Click here to find out more.

  1. Curb Your Anxiety – If you’re anxious about root canal treatment, you’re not ready for it. Contact your local dentist and gain as much comfortable advice as possible to help you prepare. Other techniques including meditation also help to keep you calm before your appointment.


Concluding Thoughts

There are many misconceptions surrounding root canal treatment, that it’s painful, unnecessary, makes you ill and damages your oral health. These are totally false. The success rate of root canal treatment is very high, and patients have left Garran Dental with reformed confidence in their smile and comfort. Consult your dentist to gain more information on why root canal treatment is successful. If you’re considering root canal treatment, you’ll find out why it’s a worthwhile choice for long-lasting results.

If you’re looking for a smile transformation, contact us at Mentone Dentist and let us advise on the best treatment for those pearly whites. Contact us here!

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