Your Ultimate Guide To Immediate Teeth Whitening Aftercare

So, you’ve recently whitened your teeth. Your pearly-whites are beaming, and you feel confident in your smile. Eventually, you’ll begin to wonder, what’s next? You will probably wonder how long your teeth will stay white for, how long until your teeth begin to change colour or what you need to do so your teeth stay white for as long as possible.

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After your teeth are whitened by your dentist, how you maintain the whiteness is up to you. It is now your responsibility to make sure your teeth stay white. You want the results to be worth the cost.


Here are the answers to the common questions after teeth whitening treatment.

The Answers You’re Looking For

  • Keep to A Recommended Oral Routine – The first thing that your dentist will recommend is that you maintain a strong oral routine. Your dentist typically advises on what this should consist of. This will notably include brushing and flossing twice a day and, If necessary, after a heavy meal. You may also clean your teeth an extra few times whenever is necessary such as after a meal to remove stains. There are various special kinds of toothpaste available that offer extra protection to your teeth. Ask for recommendations from your dentist.
  • Commit to Regular Check-Up Appointments – As part of your routine, regular check-ups should be part of it. Your hygienist or dentist will polish stubborn stains and avoid abrasion of the enamel. This goes hand in hand with a strong oral routine to maintain that beautiful smile.
  • Try to Avoid Dark Solids & Liquids – Avoid solids and liquids that may dark-stain your teeth such as Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, coloured and alcoholic drinks. Dark staining foods include bolognese, red meat and chocolate. Consider a stain that forms on a dark shirt. You would want to avoid that. Therefore, consider this thought process with your natural teeth.
  • So, how about foods that can eat and drink? Ideally, eat clear or white foods, which include White Fish and Chicken, Pasta, Egg, Potatoes, Vegetables and Yoghurt. Drinks in your diet should include Still & Sparkling water, Lemonade and Milk. When drinking liquids, use a straw so that the fluids bypass your teeth altogether.
  • Reduce Your Smoking and Alcohol Intake – Tobacco and Alcohol are two ingredients that stain your teeth easily. If you’re a regular smoker, it can understandably be difficult to reduce your smoking intake. However, you must give yourself the best chance of keeping your teeth white and consider lowering the amount you consume.

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