Molar Pain: Causes and Treatment

Are your molar teeth causing you significant sensitivity? Many symptoms can cause this, and it is important to know what they are. The pain may radiate to your entire mouth and not just to the affected molar.  Out of 32 permanent teeth, 12 of them are molars situated at the back of the mouth. This […]

Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Why do my teeth hurt

Are you suddenly experiencing radiating pain inside your mouth? Is the pain throbbing and severe? You could be experiencing tooth sensitivity or your teeth are infected.  If you’re concerned about what to do next, the first thing to do isn’t to panic. Tooth sensitivity and infected teeth can be treated by the dentist. However, it […]

Healthy Foods For Your Teeth

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A Guide To Tooth Friendly Foods From Parkdale Family Dental Dentists do their part in helping you to have healthy teeth and gums but you have to do your part at home as well. The foods we eat play a role in whether our teeth are healthy or not according to Parkdale dental practice. You […]

All About Composite Fillings

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The Pros, Cons, and History of Composite Resins For Tooth Fillings Mentone dentistry describes composite resins as plastic mixtures that are clinically used in a variety of ways to restore or repair portions of misshapen or impacted teeth. The most common application of composite fillings is to fill in the tooth cavities (esp. molars) that […]

Diabetes And Oral Health

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How Diabetes Can Affect Your Teeth And Gums And How To Prevent Problems Diabetes sufferers are well aware of the various related health problems which can be caused by the illness. One problem which often gets overlooked is the link between diabetes and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the general term for diseases of the […]

Improve Your Appearance with Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry exists to improve the appearance of your mouth and smile. In a lot of cases, cosmetic procedures on your teeth are not a necessity, but many of the methods have oral health benefits as well. Cosmetic dentistry techniques range from the relatively simple, to more complex procedures. Here are a few options you […]

Find The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment For Your Smile

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We ask a lot of our teeth through our lifetime. Over the years they can become discoloured, be chipped and broken, become misaligned and misshapen, or grow with gaps between them. There are many reasons for people to become dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth, even though they are in perfect health otherwise. Our […]

Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Periodontist About Dental Implants


Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Periodontist About Dental Implants In addition to an endless line of questions to worry about, facing the loss of one or more of your teeth is very stressful and quite often embarrassing. Will you still feel like smiling once it happens? Can you still eat all the foods you […]

What’s The Difference Between A Dentist And An Endodontist?

Dental Emergency

What’s The Difference Between A Dentist And An Endodontist? In a world of increasing specialization, it’s more important than ever to know your options, both as a patient and in building a career. Endodontists are specialists at saving teeth and are highly trained dental professionals with a minimum of two additional years of training beyond […]

A Picture Perfect Smile

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Woman smiling Brush your teeth each morning and night to help maintain a healthy smile. “One…two…three…smile!” Pictures are a part of life—especially in today’s “selfie” society. And let’s face it, it looks like the “selfie” is here to stay. While many people love taking photos with family members or friends, some tend to shy away […]