All About Composite Fillings

The Pros, Cons, and History of Composite Resins For Tooth Fillings

Mentone dentistry describes composite resins as plastic mixtures that are clinically used in a variety of ways to restore or repair portions of misshapen or impacted teeth. The most common application of composite fillings is to fill in the tooth cavities (esp. molars) that have tooth decay. This procedure is done mainly on children, because their knack for sweets most of the time leads to. The durability of the composite resin is not expected to last a lifetime, depending on the tolerance and the method used to seal the crater of the cavity. More recently, new synthetic resins have been created that are expected to last for decades.

Why Choose Composite Fillings

Many people choose composite fillings over silver (amalgam) fillings due to their appearance, but they also may be doing their teeth a favor. For a tooth colored filling to be placed, far less tooth structure needs to be prepared. For silver fillings, more of the tooth structure is ground down or removed in order for the filling to stay in place. This means composite fillings can help promote overall tooth stability since less of the tooth is removed. There is less of a risk for the tooth to become weak and break or crack off. Because they are less invasive, composite fillings are naturally smaller. If a composite filling needs to be changed out, there is more tooth to work with. Amalgam fillings are difficult to replace after even one time, as there may not be enough tooth structure to work with. For those cases, the next step is a crown. Composite fillings help prevent more invasive treatments like crowns, thereby resulting in a more natural smile.

Composites For Teeth & Gums

In the past whenever gums receded away from a crown, the metal base would show as a dark line against the tooth. Likewise, if ever a small sliver of porcelain came off of a fused metal crown, the underlying metal would show through. Because fused metal crowns are fabricated in a laboratory at high temperatures, there was never an option to correct these aesthetic problems inside of the patient’s mouths. The only option was to wait until the life of the crown elapsed and then replace it entirely. Newer composite and resin crowns are now made entirely of porcelain. There is never a risk of having underlying metal show again.

A Safe Choice

Composite (tooth colored) filling are a safe and reliable option that dentists have been using for many years. Dentists have managed to develop this method so that it can blend in with your natural teeth so that it is not immediately obvious that you have a filling. They also make them strong and durable so that you can go about eating and chewing as normal. The pain and sensitivity you were suffering from should go away after the filling is complete. It also takes a shorter time to recover from this procedure so that you can get to your normal routine as soon as possible.

A Mentone Dentist For Fillings

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