Healthy Foods For Your Teeth

A Guide To Tooth Friendly Foods From Parkdale Family Dental

Dentists do their part in helping you to have healthy teeth and gums but you have to do your part at home as well. The foods we eat play a role in whether our teeth are healthy or not according to Parkdale dental practice. You are probably well aware that foods that are full of sugar are bad for your teeth but are you aware that there are foods that are healthy for your teeth? Impress your dentist upon your next visit with your knowledge of healthy nutritional choices for your teeth. Let’s take a look at some healthy foods for the teeth.

Are There Oral Health Benefits From Food?

For years, nutritionists and doctors have been praising the health benefits that we can reap from eating just a few ounces of yogurt regularly, but now it’s dentists who are encouraging patients to begin eating yogurt. This is because yoghurt is high in calcium which helps to keep your teeth strong.  Calcium works by maintaining the density of your skeletal bones through years of deposit while your body is growing the most. For this reason, children especially benefit from the calcium found in yogurt. Once permanent teeth appear, calcium continues to help prevent tooth decay by keeping enamel strong.

Citrus and Other Fruits

Citrus fruit and especially the bitter ones such as the grapefruits and the lemons are rich in Vitamin C. One of its many medicinal properties is that it reduces the bleeding of the gums and can actually protect them more effectively. These types of fruit are also packed with plenty of other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so you can have them every day.

Apples are not only good for your teeth, but they also act as a breath freshener. The natural fibers present in the skin and the flesh of the apple helps to scrub your tongue and gums, and help to remove much of the plaque that is responsible for bad breath. Also, they have an astringent quality that helps to get rid of plaque (Granny Smith apples work best).  Eating apples also helps to remove stain on your teeth from coffee and other staining drinks.

Green Tea

Green tea is another oral health favorite! Green tea is composed of antioxidant plant compounds known as polyphenols that do their valiant best to prevent plaque from sticking to the surface of the teeth. This in turn helps to reduce the potential for cavities to develop as well as diseases that affect the gums. Another good aspect of green tea that your dentist may not have told you is that many brands of green tea have fluoride in them which promotes the good health of your teeth and keeps the enamel strong and more resilient to decay. The leaves of the tea coupled with the water it is steeped in account for the fluoride that can do wonders for your oral health.

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