Find The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment For Your Smile

We ask a lot of our teeth through our lifetime. Over the years they can become discoloured, be chipped and broken, become misaligned and misshapen, or grow with gaps between them. There are many reasons for people to become dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth, even though they are in perfect health otherwise.

Our teeth are a highly visible part of our face, and many people can become self-conscious of bad, discoloured, or misshapen teeth and do their very best to hide them from the world. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot less smiling on their part.

Cosmetic dentistry services can provide many different services for whatever may be wrong with your teeth from an appearance perspective.

Discuss your issues with your dentist, and soon you will have a mouthful of pearly whites you will be proud to show off to the world. Here are just a few of the treatments dentists can perform on your teeth to improve their appearance.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain which are cemented to the front facing areas of your natural teeth, and so are an excellent strategy for addressing discoloured teeth.

However, dental veneers are permanent once affixed to your teeth, so you will want to be very sure that this is the treatment you need. Here are a few pros and cons you will want to consider when deciding if this is the right procedure for you.

Pro – Instant Fix for Stained Teeth

If your teeth are showing a toll from years of coffee and cigarettes, or other foods which tend to discolour the teeth, then a dental veneer may be a good solution. Of course, there are other teeth whitening solutions, but they are not permanent. Porcelain, on the other hand, is very stain resistant so your smile will be whiter forever.

Pro-Fix for Slightly Misaligned Teeth

If you have crooked teeth which aren’t too severe, a porcelain veneer may be a suitable solution. The veneer is used to cover-up the small gaps which will make minor orthodontic problems invisible.

Con – Increased Sensitivity

A few people report teeth becoming more sensitive after undergoing a dental veneer procedure. In most cases, the sensitivity decreases over time.

Con – Dental Veneers are Irreversible

The dentist may need to change the structure of your natural teeth in order to align the veneer correctly. The natural enamel on your teeth will need to be removed to make way for the porcelain veneer, which makes the procedure irreversible.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, and strength. When the crown has been cemented into place, it will entirely encase the visible portion of the tooth above the gumline.

Dental crowns are often used to protect damaged or weakened teeth from degrading further. In the case of cosmetic dental procedures, caps are used to restore a broken or chipped tooth to its former glory.

There are many different materials used to create crowns, including porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, resin, or metal. Your dentist will be able to inform you of your choices and make recommendations.

Crowns preserve the healthy structure of the surrounding teeth, as it is only the damaged part of the tooth which is removed. The crown can also be coloured to match the surrounding teeth.

Crowns only cover up a damaged tooth while leaving the nerve system in place. If the repaired tooth is sensitive to pressure, heat, or cold, the crown will not fix those issues.

Whatever your cosmetic issues with your teeth, your dentist will be able to recommend a procedure which can rectify any problems, restore your confidence, and get you smiling again so book in a cosmetic appointment with our dentist today.

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