How Long Do Root Canal’s Last?

Root canal treatment is a form of endodontic treatment that is necessary to save a tooth when the pulp becomes inflamed. When the pulp tissue becomes infected, the bone de-stimulates and weakens. Bone density and strength is vital to keep teeth strong.

One of the key questions that patients continue to ask today is, is a root canal permanent? Or, how long do they last? The longevity of root canal treatment depends on many factors to keep it strong for as long as possible. Unfortunately, root canals aren’t a permanent fix. However, as the patient, you’re in control in ensuring the root canal functions as healthy as possible for a long-term period.

Root Canal Treatment

Factors That Impact Root Canal Longevity

Don’t Put Off Treatment If You Need It – One of the key contributing factors of how strong your root canal can last for is how much of the infection has spread to your bone. Therefore, if you know that treatment is necessary, do not put it off. Seek an appointment early with the dentist. The bigger the infection, the longer it takes to repair the remains of the tooth. The tooth may not even be repairable if the infection has spread quickly.

Consider The Use Of A Protective Crown – Teeth can become brittle over time leading to a likely chance for teeth to become fractured. This is especially for those teeth who receive a strong biting force. An option is to consider placing a crown around the root canal to keep it protected from undue stress. This will promote the longevity of the root canal. The more pressure the root canal is under the more likely the tooth becomes brittle faster. Consult your dentist on whether a crown is necessary as this is dependent on the quality of your oral health.

Keeping Oral Health Strong – There are many benefits to oral health when preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible and place a root canal to make up the remains that were lost. Compare this with a dental implant, where the tooth would need to be extracted. This leaves a gap to fill and this further de-stimulates the bone. Treatments may also become costly. Therefore, ensure the natural remains of your tooth are well looked after. If your oral health is positive, root canal treatment becomes significantly easier.


If you’re considering root canal treatment, then follow these tips to get started.

Final Thoughts…

If a crown is placed on a brittle tooth, it is more likely to eventually crack quickly. Maintain positive oral health habits to keep your root canal healthy for years. You may consider tooth extraction or bridges treatment, but there aren’t many benefits of this compared to keeping your natural tooth cemented into the bone. A root canal is not a permanent solution, but your tooth will be retained for a long-time if these factors are considered.

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