Do You Qualify For Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the newer forms of treatment but is also becoming one of the most popular for straightening teeth. Invisalign is considered the fastest and most efficient way to straighten teeth compared to traditional braces. They’re a transparent retainer-like clear aligner that can be worn even when out in public because they’re virtually invisible. To the public, they’re unnoticeable when you talk and smile.

Whilst it all sounds rosy, the clear aligners don’t come on the cheap. There are also a variety of situations where Invisalign may not be the best choice for straightening teeth. It is important that you’re aware of what these are.

Invisalign Braces

The Four Factors

  1. Your Responsibility – Invisalign isn’t a magic wand that miraculously straightens teeth itself. The clear aligner must be worn responsibly to keep teeth healthy whilst wearing them. If you neglect how to look after your aligner, there is a greater chance of your teeth becoming infected. When using them, follow these tips:
  • Remove them when eating meals
  • Remove them when cleaning teeth
  • Store them at room temperature in a container filled with water
  • Regularly wash them with a brush and toothpaste
  1. Your Oral Health – Invisalign can work for teenagers and adults alike as long as your oral health is strong. By strong, this means restrictions of minor tooth movements. If your teeth require large orthodontic work, not only is this more costly, this will cause further complications when using clear-aligners. The dentist will understand if your oral health is strong enough for Invisalign.
  2. Your Cosmetic Concerns – Whilst your oral health is safe and healthy enough, Invisalign can take care of most minor cosmetic problems. For example, cosmetic issues such as abnormal bite, crowded teeth or gaps in teeth. If your teeth require major cosmetic concerns such as misalignment, infections or missing teeth then traditional braces are more beneficial. The dentist is best placed to make this decision for you.
  3. Your Affordability – As mentioned, Invisalign does not come on the cheap. They’re more expensive compared to traditional braces. However, depending on oral health, clear aligners may offer better results that may outweigh the short-term cost. Be prepared to pay more for Invisalign compared to traditional braces.


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Final Words…

Getting Invisalign is a big commitment, particularly because of how costly they can prove to be. Invisalign is worth it for those who are committed to looking after them and not to expect the clear aligners to do all the work for you. The results are more effective depending on the state of your oral health. It is a fabulous solution to straighten teeth.

If you’re concerned about the straightness of your teeth and are seeking an effective solution to improve your smile? Invisalign could be the right treatment choice for you. Contact Mentone Dentist and let us help restore your smile. Book an appointment with us today!

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