Have You Had Your Tooth Pulled Out? Follow These Tooth Extraction Recovery Tips

The removal of teeth or tooth extraction is a common procedure amongst many adults. There are many reasons why the extraction of the tooth is necessary:

  • The tooth could be crowded and require better alignment to ensure the tooth breaks through the gums.
  • The tooth may be decayed which could lead to bacteria forming.
  • The tooth could be at risk of infection especially if you have a weak immune system. Infected teeth heighten the chance of catching periodontal disease.

The tooth extraction procedure is typically performed under local anesthetic so that you don’t feel any pain throughout your body and you will sleep throughout the procedure. The extraction of the tooth is then completed using forceps with a rock-back-and-forth motion. Once the procedure is complete, a blood clot is expected, and the doctor will give you a gauze pad to bite down on to limit the bleeding.


Aftercare after a tooth extraction is important. The first thing you need to do is let your mouth heal properly and quickly. We identify some helpful recovery tips so that your mouth can heal as quick as possible with the smallest amount of pain. Let’s get right into it.

The 5 Tips

  1. Take Prescribed Painkillers – You must take medication as prescribed by your dentist. It is likely you will be given antibiotics to help with the pain and reduce any swelling formed. Pain and swelling should reduce after 2 days.
  2. Don’t Eat Any Solid Foods – While your mouth is still numb, you will find it difficult to bite down on solid foods. Initially, you won’t be able to feel your jaws. Eat solids again once the feeling in your mouth begins to return. Foods and liquids such as soup, potato, yogurts, and water are healthier and softer options which should be eaten.
  3. Apply Ice to The Affected Area – Ice packs are perfect for excess swelling. Apply a bag of ice to the affected area right after the procedure. Apply the ice bag for 10 minutes every time.
  4. Relax After Treatment – You must take it easy after tooth extraction. This tip is very underestimated. This also includes speaking less because your muscles need to relax as much as possible during recovery. Take smaller bites of food when you eat your dinner.
  5. Avoid Extracted Area When Brushing Your Teeth – Continue to brush and floss your teeth twice a day as per recommendation. You should avoid the affected extracted area to limit the chances of getting an infection.
  6. Don’t Take Aspirin Products – As the blood clot begins to re-appear after treatment, taking aspirin will delay the clot forming. This means you the clot will be prevented from healing quickly.
  7. Regular Rinse with Lukewarm Water – Rinsing your mouth with salt removes any irritation, reduces the pain after treatment and helps wash away bacteria. You will also keep the extracted area clean and hygienic

The Final Word

You must follow recommendations from your dentist on how to recover from a tooth extraction. The tips above are what is typically recommended. Within the first few days after treatment, you may experience bruising, bleeding and pain which is natural. The first 24 hours after tooth extraction treatment is crucial to your recovery. If you follow the tips above, you will instantly recover and be able to resume your daily activities!

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