Dental Implants Are Worth The Cost – Here Are Five Reasons Why

Tooth loss remains a very common reality. However, nowadays there is a wide range of cosmetic treatments available. The replacement options available help to either preserve your natural teeth or replace your teeth artificially intended to function like your natural teeth. If you lose teeth, it is not the end of the world.

A common and most popular choice is dental implants. Dental implants are designed to look, feel and function just like you’re natural teeth to improve your confidence and smile naturally. Although they may not be correct for every situation, they offer long-lasting benefits to your health and appearance.

One area that may deter you from choosing dental implants is the cost. The cost of implants is slightly on the expensive side due to the length of treatment and the range of dental visits it requires. Depending on location, the cost of implant treatment could range from $2500 to $3000 per implant.


Whilst the cost may become a deterrent, there are many benefits to implants which will influence your decision to book that first implant appointment.

The 5 Benefits Why It’s Worth the Cost

  1. Long-Lasting Results – Although the initial cost of implants can be steep, the results are long term and reliable. Once your implants are fitted, they are here to stay. Implants are expected to last for up to 15 years if looked after with a post-oral hygiene routine. The missing gap within your teeth causes your bone to stop stimulating. With an implant fitted, the bone restarts its stimulation to strengthen the implant. Over time, the cost will seem cheap.
  2. They Are Just as Natural – The misconception is that dental implants are unnatural, fake and weak. This is far from the truth. Implants are virtually unrecognisable from your natural teeth. Once fitted, you’ll comfortably be able to eat, speak and engage normally without worrying if your implant will loosen or fall out.
  3. No Discomfort or Pain – The only pain you will feel is 24 hours after treatment, where you’ll need to rest adequately so that you can resume your activities as smoothly and quickly as possible. Once they are in and settled, they do not move. This is unlike dentures, which tend to move over time and so further treatment would be needed.
  4. No Special Aftercare Required – How much effort does it need to look after my implant? This is a common question among many patients. The answer is, not that much. Dental implants require no special care. If you look after your implant with a positive oral routine, the implant will last for years. Continue to brush and floss twice a day and keep your implants in good condition.
  5. No Negative Impact on Structure or Ability – The jaw muscles especially are used a lot, from eating to chewing and to talking, they are always worked. There are no negative effects on your ability to eat your favourite foods or speech. Implants preserve your tissue and preserve your bone structure to allow the implant to function normally.

If you’re awaiting your first dental implant appointment, check out our guide to 5 questions you can ask your periodontist about implants here!


So, Are They Worth It?

For missing teeth, implants are the next natural choice to preserve your mouth structure and maintain good oral health. Over time, you will realise that the cost isn’t as steep as you first thought due because you’re basically replacing your missing tooth with another natural type. However, to preserve its longevity, the dentist will recommend changes to your lifestyle, especially if you consume alcohol and smoking products regularly. If it’s well looked after, dental implant treatment is well worth the cost.

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