Avoid Doing More Damage

Tooth Extraction Can Be The Best Option

Tooth Extraction Can Prevent Things Getting Worse

Our Bayside dentist do everything they can to save your natural teeth and avoid teeth removal if they have been chipped, broken or damaged however there are situations where you may need to get a tooth extracted. Typically an X-Ray would be required to understand the extent of the damage and identify the best plan to remove the tooth.

Tooth extraction is now a fast procedure which is often not painful.

Dental Extraction

A simple tooth extraction is performed on a tooth that can be seen in the mouth. General dentists commonly do simple extractions. In a dental extraction, the dentist loosens the tooth before fully removing it.

Surgical Dental Extraction

A surgical dental extraction is a more complex. This type of procedure is used if the took has broken off at a gum line.Oral surgeons are usually used for these more complex procedures once a referral is sought and the dentist provides feedback.

After Tooth Extraction

Once you have had your tooth extracted you have options to replace the gap in your mouth which is important to maintain the integrity of your mouth structure but importantly to make sure you have the confidence to still smile in public setting. Find our more information around our dental implants page

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