How To Keep Your Teeth White After Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Have You Recently Had Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment? Follow These Tips

Have you just had cosmetic dentistry treatment and want to keep your teeth nice and shiny? Everyone wants to keep their teeth sparkly and shiny as possible. If you want this, you have to work at it. This means that you must take special care of your teeth after treatment. We already know the benefits that cosmetic dentistry treatment provides. However, if you want to keep the confidence shining through, you need to follow these tips on how to keep your teeth white for the long term.


The 5 Tips

  1. Avoid Foods and Liquids That Stain Your Teeth – As humans, we consume lots of food and drink every single day. Managing the kind of food and drink you consume is the first step towards keeping your teeth white. Limit food and drinks especially that are dark, including soda drinks, smoking products, curries and hot drinks. Regularly consuming these will erode the teeth and make way for plaque and discoloration. You may want to use a straw to consume drinks as long as it doesn’t touch the teeth.
  2. Use Recommended Teeth Whitening Products – There are many toothpaste products that tell you that protect cavity, strengthens teeth, freshens breath amongst other slogans. Using recommended toothpaste products from your dentist that include mild abrasives formula. The chemicals within the toothpaste will boost its effectiveness and results will appear instantly.
  3. Drink Regular Water – Not only does water keep you hydrated, but all leftover stains or food stuck in your teeth are also washed away. Washing these away with water significantly reduces the chances of any cavity or bacteria forming. You may also drink water with fluoride to prevent tooth decay. Colored drinks can be enjoyed but its recommended that you drink more water for the wide range of health benefits it provides including keeping your teeth nice and shiny,
  4. Reduce Alcohol and Smoking – The health concerns that alcohol and smoking come with are for all to see. However, they also degrade the appearance of your teeth. Stains will begin to form and you’re also at risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
  5. Maintain A Healthy Oral Routine – Although this is one of the basic fundamentals of looking after your teeth, it is also one of the most important. A good oral routine maintains your teeth for long-lasting results. You should brush your teeth and floss twice a day and even consider it once you have eaten a meal. Visit your dentist every six months for a regular check-up and clean and for the dentist to look over your teeth to make sure they stay healthy.

Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Final Thoughts

The above 5 tips are advice you would typically receive from your dentist after the procedure. They are not a sudden life change. However, these tips should be adopted into your life so that your treatment doesn’t go to waste. If you already maintain a moderate and balanced diet, you are already on your way to maintaining those pearly-whites and confident smile.

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