Do You Need Tooth Extraction Treatment?

If a tooth is severely decayed or damaged, the chances are that you’ll need tooth extraction treatment. Tooth extraction is typically a last resort solution for your oral health if the tooth is damaged beyond repair. Usually, the oral surgeon will look to preserve as much of the tooth as possible to avoid taking the tooth out. If a portion of the tooth can be repaired, you’ll be referred to other external treatments such as a root canal.

When you experience oral pain, it is important that you act almost immediately. The root cause of the problem at this stage would be unknown, and the oral surgeon would be best placed to immediately perform an examination of the issue and determine the next steps.

The procedure of tooth extraction involves removing the tooth from its socket. The tooth will be grasped with forceps and rocked slowly and softly from side-to-side until the tooth is removed.

Tooth Extraction

The Four Signs

The below signs indicate that you need tooth extraction treatment:

  1. An Infected Tooth – Infected teeth is a sign that tooth extraction is definitely required. An infected tooth heightens the risk of catching periodontal disease. There would be no further alternative but to remove the infected tooth.
  2. Teeth Are Misaligned and Are Misaligned – Misalignment is popular amongst many people, where teeth don’t grow straight and end up being crowded amongst each other. This causes an abnormal and awkward bite, especially when chewing on food. Crowded teeth will degrade your teeth and eventually leading to a poor looking smile. Straight and healthy teeth make way for a confident smile!
  3. Your Teeth Are Severely Chipped or Cracked – Teeth can become damaged due to a physical accident or a traumatic event. Sometimes, the impact alone could cause the tooth to be unrepairable. An examination from the oral surgeon will determine the extent of the damage.
  4. Pain After Treatment – At times, there could be a misjudgment that your tooth is healthy enough to be saved. The dentist would perform the external treatment to repair the tooth such as a filling, dental crown or root canal treatment. When this happens, if you experience further pain after the treatment, your tooth will need to be extracted.

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There are other symptoms which you could experience at home that may signal for tooth extraction treatment:

  • Pain increases when you bite down on foods
  • Pain or stiffness within the jaw during mouth-functioning
  • Visible of swollen gums surrounding the teeth
  • General spontaneous oral pain when you wake up in the morning and during the day
  • Visible holes or pits within the center of the tooth

Although there are appropriate treatments available, emergency appointments are not always available at the time you want it. If you’re in this position, following these measures to reduce the pain and to save your tooth from being extracted:

  • Regularly brush and floss twice a day and after eating a heavy meal if necessary
  • Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after every meal
  • Avoid regular consumption of alcohol and tobacco products
  • Limit sugary and chewy treats

Tooth Extraction Recovery TIps

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