Can Invisalign Work With Fitted Implants?

A question that continues to be unanswered is whether a fitted implant patient can use Invisalign clear aligners to straighten natural teeth. Natural teeth can move and adjust itself at any time and fitted implants are natural replacements fixed and infused into the jawbone. This is exactly where your natural teeth grow and position itself. If implants are a natural replacement, can you still use Invisalign braces?

The answer, in short, is yes, Invisalign can be used if you’re a fitted implant patient. The dentist would ideally recommend you use Invisalign before implant treatment so your natural teeth position itself accordingly in its final position. This is because when an implant is fitted, it doesn’t move out of place and when applying clear aligners, it’s more likely that your natural teeth will move but your implant will stay in the same position as it is fixed to the bone. Applying Invisalign even with a fitted implant will have no adverse effect on your natural teeth.

However, the effectiveness of Invisalign does depend on the positioning of your implant. In certain cases, an implant won’t affect your ability to receive orthodontic treatment because an implant may be positioned at the back of the mouth. Therefore, an implant may involve teeth being straightened with Invisalign.

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If you’re seeking Implant and Invisalign treatment together, but you haven’t had an implant fitted yet, you must discuss that you’re considering implant treatment with the dentist. The dentist will be able to apply the fitted implant in a more inner-position so that your natural teeth can adjust to the positioning of your implant when wearing clear aligners. Your implant and natural teeth will then become adjacent to each other to show off a straight and shiny smile.

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It is recommended that you seek advice from the dentist as to what you’re looking for, so the dentist can tailor treatment needs to ensure a straight smile.

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