The Four Warning Signs That You Need A Dental Implant

Dental Implants are the go-to solution to resurrect the natural appearance of your teeth. If you’re missing a tooth, are in severe dental pain which makes it near-impossible for your mouth to function normally, or you’re concerned about how the appearance of your teeth looks, dental technology is so advanced that a solution is always in the offing.

In steps dental implants. Implants have an extremely high success rate for restoring your natural appearance of self-confidence. The end results are always to make sure your smile is beaming again and usually, implants never fail to disappoint.


Before considering dental implant treatment, you must be aware of the danger or warning signs within your mouth to be considered for it. Here are four signs to watch out for.

The Four Signs

  1. You Have A Severely Cracked or Missing Tooth – Missing or cracked teeth are typically achieved through a tragic accident where you’ve fallen on the wrong side of the mouth and your teeth have been impacted. It can become very difficult for your mouth to function properly. An implant is a proven long-lasting replacement to replace your tooth with a natural-looking, artificial implant.
  2. You Have Weak Fitted Dentures – Dentures are fitted to be supported by your natural teeth. If your natural teeth aren’t strong enough to hold, your dentures will become loose. Dentures are not expected to stay solid in fit for a long period. It is eventual that dentures will become loose. An implant is a great alternative. What’s more, implants are stand-alone and don’t need support from your natural teeth.
  3. Your Bone Stops Stimulating – A dental implant is surgically attached to the jaw bone in order to support the artificial tooth. So, you can understand why the jaw bone is important. The bone needs to be strong in structure to keep your implant strong. Other symptoms of a loss of bone are osteoporosis. As your bone becomes fragile and weak, it degrades your facial appearance as well as your oral health.
  4. You’re Suffering From Gum Disease – Also known as periodontal disease, it is an ongoing infection of the gum which degrades the strength and support of your teeth. Healthy gums are essential for your teeth. If your gums are inflamed or your gum tissue degrades, the tooth surface could be forming bacteria. The end result is you could lose most if not all of your teeth.

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Dental Implants is the best treatment choice to help you with any of the above symptoms that you’re experiencing. Depending on the severity of your emergency, there could be a likely chance you’ll be recommended tooth extraction treatment first. Implants strength and durability are the two key reasons why dentists recommend it as a treatment choice for missing teeth. The results are worthwhile, natural, and attractive.


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