How To Keep Enamel Strong?

The enamel acts as a protective outer layer to keep your teeth away from decay and ensure the underlying dentin doesn’t become exposed. The dentin becomes exposed once the enamel covering becomes thinner, providing less protection. When this happens, your oral health is exposed to dangerous complications.

Wearing a smile demonstrates high self-confidence and overall positive wellbeing. You’d need to thank your enamel for staying strong to keep your teeth white. Although, the enamel isn’t immune from oral concerns. Being the hardest mineral substances in the human body, you’d be surprised to know that the enamel can be exposed if your oral hygiene is poor.

If your enamel needs strengthening, follow these tips so your teeth stay healthy and shiny for longer.


Brush and Floss Your Teeth

There is a specific way you need to brush your teeth to ensure your teeth stay squeaky clean in the morning and night. Do not brush hard on the surfaces as this can lead to further damage. With a soft-bristle toothbrush and ideally fluoride toothpaste, clean every surface of the tooth in a circular motion towards the cheek area and the underlying gums. Ensure you cover all areas of the tooth surface and do this twice a day for the best results to your smile.

Eat Enamel-Protective Foods

Foods such as dairy, cheese and green vegetables contain calcium that helps keep your enamel strong and healthy. Phosphorous properties from meat, eggs and fish keep the bacteria at bay. You want to ensure that these foods are regularly consumed as part of a balanced diet. Read here for a breakdown on calcium-rich foods.

Avoid Sugary Treats

When you consume sugar, the plaque bacteria use sugar to produce an acid attack. This then weakens your enamel increasing chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease. If you regularly consume sodas, coffee, wine and candy, it is recommended that you avoid them at all costs.

Grinding Teeth

Teeth Grinding is a common habit that occurs during sleep. Therefore, if you wake up feeling like your teeth are suffering from wear-and-tear, grinding could be why. If you’ve been made aware that you grind your teeth at night, ensure you get it treated by the dentist. It is likely that you’ll be required to wear a dental mouthguard whilst you sleep. This helps relax the jaw muscles in place whilst placing a gap between the upper and lower teeth, keeping them safe from further wear-and-tear.

Drink Water

As already mentioned, acidic drinks such as sodas, coffee and wine can all cause damage to your enamel. Water is an enamel-friendly choice that can help strengthen the enamel because it washes away food, helps to swallow with ease and keeps debris off your teeth.


Concluding Thoughts

Once your enamel has weakened, the human body cannot regrow it back. The enamel is not a living tissue where it can be naturally regenerated. Therefore, taking the above steps immediately is important so your enamel can become stronger. The dentist can prescribe specific dental products that can strengthen the enamel.

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