How Drinking Water Benefits Oral Health

Whilst you may be taking the essential oral hygiene steps such as brushing and flossing your teeth, you could be missing a key step that can strengthen your oral health even further. That is drinking water. Dentists highly recommend consuming water throughout every day. Not just consuming it with a meal but as a healthy habit.

If the water you drink is fluoridated, then the benefits are exponential. It’s already known just how beneficial drinking water can be for the immune system and overall health, but what about oral health? Read on to learn the benefits of drinking water throughout the day to your oral health.

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Fights Cavities

At a bare minimum, it is recommended that you drink water with a meal and in the morning. Why not go further? Drinking water with fluoride is beneficial in fighting off cavities. The fluoride ingredient in water also prevents or reverses the early stages of tooth decay. You don’t want the bacteria build-up to penetrate the enamel as this can weaken teeth. Drinking water is safe, cost-effective and rinses away bacteria.

Keeps The Mouth Clean

The difference between washing away food with sodas and water is that whilst sodas will wash away food debris, it will likely leave sugar on your teeth. This is the culprit of bacteria build-up and acid attacks, damaging your enamel. Drinking water with fluoride doesn’t contain any sugars and washes away food debris without leaving any bacteria. Don’t forget that fluoride water can coat teeth to fight against acids. Learn about the tips to keep your enamel strong here.

Zero Calories

You’re probably aware by now that water contains zero calories. This means there are no artificial sugars or extra ingredient that may push that weight up a bit. In fact, did you know that water actually helps you to lose weight? It also helps regulate many functions in the body such as metabolism. Therefore, don’t worry about putting any calories on when drinking water.

Fights Bad Breath

Have you ever experienced halitosis? When you eat and drink food containing strong tasting ingredients such as spicy foods, along with poor oral hygiene, these are the symptoms of bad breath. It is also important that you keep your mouth clean from food debris because the food particles can breakdown into bacteria. Drinking a sufficient amount of water keeps the odour under control, keeping bacteria down and reducing bad breath. Read here to learn the causes of bad breath.


If you’re guilty of not drinking enough water during the day, you’re missing out on some key oral health benefits. Ensure that you regularly consume water from now on and cut back on the sugary drinks. You can then enjoy a strong and white smile. It is the key to make those pearly whites shine.

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