Here’s What You Need To Do When Faced With A Dental Emergency

Consider These Helpful Tips When Faced With A Severe Dental Problem

A dental emergency is a frightening, uncomfortable and daunting experience. However, accidents happen. What is equally important is how to deal with one to reduce the likelihood of further damage. Ignoring a dental problem significantly increases the risk of serious dental infections, meaning more extensive and expensive treatment. Dental emergencies can typically range from:

  • Gum Disease
  • Broken or Missing Teeth
  • Soft Tissue Damage or Internal Bleeding
  • Jaw structure pain

Suffering With A Dental Emergency

Here are some simple tips to carry out when you are faced with a dental emergency, particularly if you cannot get an appointment quickly:

  • Have you had a tooth knocked out? 

    Losing a tooth means you require a dental implant where an artificial tooth is screwed within the gap into the gym with titanium material. Before visiting the dentist, rinse the tooth out in cold water, then place your tooth back into the gap and be familiar with its positioning. You must call your dentist at the earliest opportunity to book an immediate appointment to reduce any trace of bacteria forming.

  • Are you suffering from a toothache? 

    Rinse the mouth out with lukewarm water and use dental floss to clear any debris or food in and around the affected tooth area. It is recommended that you don’t use any form of aspirin. Contact your dentist if the pain continues to persist throughout the day.

  • Have you bitten your tongue or lip? 

    Use a clean cloth apply cold compresses to limit any swelling and the bleeding should ease. If you’re still in pain, you must get seen to immediately to reduce the chance of infection.

  • Are you suffering from a broken, cracked or chipped tooth?

    A filling is a typical treatment needed to repair minor cracks. A crown is needed for major cracks. It all depends on the severity of the crack, where in some instances you may need an implant. If you don’t feel any pain, you’re safe for now. You will feel some sensitivity around the area but that will eventually disperse as saliva forms to insulate the area.

  • Are you suffering from Internal Bleeding?

    It’s more than likely you’re suffering from gum disease or gingivitis. Bleeding in the mouth is not natural and it will need immediate attention. Your dentist will immediately treat you for gum disease to save the likelihood of teeth falling out. Should you not be seen to the same day, you will need to keep your head elevated to limit the blood flow when you sit down and when you sleep.


Final Thoughts

In an emergency all dental surgeries reserve time for emergency appointments. You must explain your concern to the dentist including the actual emergency, whether you suffer any pain, bleeding or swelling. It is a clear signal that there is a problem which needs immediate attention.

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