The Best Hygiene Practices For Healthy Teeth

To avoid any future oral problems, you must take good care of your teeth. Your teeth won’t look after themselves. You must take crucial oral hygiene habits every day. If you’re thinking that simply brushing and flossing twice a day will keep your oral health positive, then think again.

Keeping teeth healthy doesn’t just stem from brushing and flossing, although it is an important aspect of the best practices we’ve picked out that you should carry out at home to keep teeth healthy.

soft-vs-hard toothbrush

Brushing and Flossing 

It is an essential part of oral hygiene even if it is the most basic. When brushing teeth, do so using a soft-bristle brush and make sure you floss in between teeth to keep food debris away. Leaving food debris on teeth means a greater sign of plaque-forming, which is where bacteria stems from.

Drink Water Regularly

Sugar is the main culprit for degrading teeth. Consuming more sugary drinks link to forming a cavity. A cavity forms in the centre of the tooth that creates a hole, exposing it to infection and tooth decay. As part of a balanced diet, drink more water because water contains calcium concentration. Plus, water helps rinse your mouth from sticky and acidic debris from food.

Clean Your Tongue

Cleaning the tongue can be overlooked as something unimportant. The main purpose of tongue cleaning is to remove the coating that forms from bacteria through food intake. The bacteria can also lead to bad breath. It is recommended that you not only brush the tongue with a soft-bristle brush but consider purchasing an oral hygiene-pro tongue cleaner to help clean the tongue surface.

Adopt A Diet With Calcium And Vitamins

Your teeth and bones thrive off calcium to stay strong. Ensure that as part of a balanced diet, you consume food containing the right calcium and vitamin content. Consume foods such as dairy (milk and cheese), green vegetables (broccoli and cabbage), nuts and fish.

Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco is a culprit for tartar forming on teeth. It is also a culprit for discolouration, bad breath and a whole host of health issues that can become dangerous if the bacteria penetrate in the bloodstream. If you’re a smoker, reduce your smoking intake or eliminate it entirely.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

If you’re adopting positive oral hygiene at home, that is a great step. However, do not neglect regular dental check-ups at the dentist. The dentist is best placed to examine the state of your oral health and to recommend further steps to improve your habits at home. Whilst you might think your habits at home are good enough, the dentist knows best and their input should never be neglected. You can read here for more information on oral health check-ups are important.


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Concluding Thoughts

The above tips are essential to maintain positive oral health and strong, healthy teeth. Whilst these may be basic steps to take, they are the most effective. The last thing you want is to fork out on expensive dental treatment. Without these steps, you open up decay and gum problems combined with low self-confidence in your smile.

If you’re in need of a dental check-up, visit one of our Bayside dentists. We are motivated to restore your confidence in your smile. Contact us to book an appointment.

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