Smile with Confidence: Understanding the Cost of Veneers

We all wish to change a few things about our teeth, which is why we continuously look for different options to achieve our goals. Dental veneers have become popular for those not proud of their smile, making it possible to achieve a perfect smile. They hide a chip and stains and even restructure the shape of our teeth.

Having a glowing smile can come at a cost, and if you are not sure how much veneers cost in Australia, keep reading to learn about dental veneers, their cost and the factors affecting their cost.

What are Dental Veneers?

These are thin covers adhering to the front of our teeth, and they aim to offer a radiant but natural appearance to the teeth. It is possible to apply the veneers to a single tooth or a complete row of teeth to change their appearance. Normally, having veneers is a permanent process, and they can last between 5 to 15 years, depending on the type we choose.

Everybody wants to save money on veneers and make them last as long as possible. Before going for a set of veneers, it is important to know how much veneers cost in Australia. The ideal way of taking care of veneers is almost the same as our natural teeth, which is oral hygiene.

How Much Do Veneers Cost in Australia?

The complexity of dental veneer treatments is reflected in their costs. Some need only a single veneer to improve the look of their tooth, while others may need a full set of veneers when they have problems like damaged, chipped or discoloured front teeth. Ultimately, dental veneers aim to leave us with a smile that we can be proud of and leave any concerns that hamper our social life.

For those who wonder how much veneers cost in Australia, the answer is simple, there are different types, and each one costs differently. Composite veneers are a less expensive option; the cost starts at  $300 per tooth and can last for around seven years. Porcelain veneers are expensive and can last for 15 years, but they cost a maximum of $2000 per tooth.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Dental Veneers?

  • Type of Dental Veneer

The type of dental veneer we choose can make a notable difference in cost. As porcelain veneer gives an impression that it is unnoticeable from the natural tooth, it is more costly than composite resin veneer. Although, a composite veneer is also tooth-like in transparency and colour.

  • Location

The dental office’s location also plays a big role in influencing the cost of dental veneers. The cost of veneers will be higher in a large city than in a smaller town. The main reason is that dental practice in a large city can be more expensive compared to a small town.

  • The Experience of Your Dentist

A dentist who has just started would charge much less than someone with experience. We not only pay for the time the dentists spend on us, but we pay for the years they put into getting themselves to provide excellent service.

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There is no doubt that veneers can effectively improve the appearance of our teeth and smile, but before committing to the treatment, it is important to know how much do veneers cost in Australia. You can always contact our dentists in Parkdale to get the perfect veneers. We have expert dentists who will assess the quantity, type and cost of veneers that can fit your requirements.

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