Exploring the Costs of Dentures

Undoubtedly, our smile or laughter doesn’t cost us a single penny, but for the confidence to smile, it is crucial to have great teeth. If you have lost a few or all of your teeth, there are different ways to regain your smile. Dentures have become the best solution to restore the set of your missing teeth. Modern dentures can make it possible to function, form, and aesthetics of natural teeth.

This brief guide will help you understand the different types of dentures, how much dentures cost, and the factors that affect them.

What are the Different Types of Dentures?

  • Porcelain Dentures

Porcelain is a rigid material, and its dentures can be durable. With this material, you can have excellent aesthetics because your replacement teeth look similar to the natural ones. 

  • Acrylic Resin Dentures

These dentures are pink to resemble the gums, whereas the teeth are of resin colour to reach the natural ones. It is lighter, easy to adjust, and less expensive than porcelain dentures.

  • Metal Dentures

These are the clasps of dentures made of metal. Usually, cobalt chrome is the metal used in such dentures, and the best thing about these dentures is that they are durable and can last longer.

  • Other Materials

These days, dentures are available in several flexible materials, which include polypropylene and polycarbonate. These materials are flexible and adaptable to the mouth, so you will be more comfortable wearing them.

What is the Price of Dentures in Australia?

It is only easy to estimate the cost of dentures once one visits the dentist because each patient has different wants, needs, and budgets. If you are considering how much dentures cost, it depends on the number of missing teeth, the type of dentures you need, and the treatment for the restoration process. If you are looking for complete upper and lower dentures, the cost can reach $2,000 or above.

It is worth mentioning that there are various designs and combinations of dentures in the market. One can go for a partial denture with a single tooth or one with several teeth. The price of dentures depends on the number of teeth, the skill level, and the material of the dentures.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Dentures?

The following are some main factors that can influence how much dentures cost.

  • Location of the Dentist

There can be an influence on the cost of dentures because of the area in which you reside and the cost of living in that area. If the location of the dentist is a busy city, the charges will be more than the one in the suburban area.

  • Size of Denture

Dentures are available in different sizes. A set of complete dentures is larger than partial ones as they happen to replace more teeth. Therefore, dentures will be more expensive if more teeth need replacement.

  • Denture Material

Usually, the material of the denture base is acrylic resin, but to increase the strength, some can have underlying metal mesh, which also increases their cost. Dentures have artificial teeth made of porcelain or acrylic resin. Porcelain teeth can be more cosmetic, heavier, as well expensive.

Affordable Dentures at Parkdale VIC, 3195

If you wonder how much dentures cost, the price varies, as several factors can affect how much one has to pay. For the majority of wearers, their benefits overcome the drawbacks. If you want custom dentures and want to know their cost, Parkdale Family Dental invites you to schedule a consultation with its expert dentists in Parkdale. Our dentures will be durable, but if you need any adjustments, our prosthodontists will readjust them according to your needs.

Contact us today or schedule an appointment, and we will keep your dentures at an affordable price.

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