Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Root canal infection, a dental condition in which the innermost layer of a tooth is infected, can have serious implications if left untreated. Despite this, many people still ignore the symptoms associated with root canal infections and suffer long-term consequences. Although root canal treatments may seem intimidating, it is essential to recognize the signs and […]

What is Root Canal Treatment? How Much Does it Cost in Australia?

Root Canal Cost

Learn all about the different types of root canals, including how they are performed and what a root canal procedure entails. We may use this article in our dental practice’s blog to share with people who might be considering getting their own teeth fixed or replaced

How Long Do Root Canal’s Last?

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a form of endodontic treatment that is necessary to save a tooth when the pulp becomes inflamed. When the pulp tissue becomes infected, the bone de-stimulates and weakens. Bone density and strength is vital to keep teeth strong. One of the key questions that patients continue to ask today is, is […]