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Smile Straighter With Traditional Orthodontics

traditional orthodontics parkdale

Boost your confidence, affordably, with traditional braces.

Enhance your smile and boost your confidence, affordably, with traditional braces. These metal braces are the most popular orthodontic treatment for a reason. Though they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as invisible aligners, thanks to technological advancements metal braces have become more comfortable to wear and less cumbersome. Most importantly, traditional braces are a highly effective way to straighten teeth!

How Do They Work?

Traditional braces employ continual pressure to the teeth, shifting them into the preferred position. A variety of dental issues can be remedied through the wearing of braces: ‘gappy’ teeth, crowding, malocclusion, crookedness, misaligned bites and jaws and a host of other dental and orthodontic concerns.

In addition to affordability, there are several other benefits of traditional metal braces:

  • Can correct a broad array of cases, including more complex ones
  • Compliance is never a concern as the patient cannot take the braces off or forget to wear them (as is sometimes the case with removable aligners)
  • Can be utilised with extraction and non-extraction orthodontics
  • Can be combined with more modern appliances for bite correction
  • Bands come in a variety of colours, including tooth-coloured ones, for a customised look

Orthodontics for Every Age

Early adolescence is the ideal time to get braces as the jaw bone is still developing and strengthening, permitting a quicker and more successful treatment. It’s important to note, however, that older individuals also can benefit from wearing traditional braces.

Maybe you regret not having had braces when you were a child or teen. It’s not too late! Adults, too, can enjoy straighter teeth with conventional braces. In fact, adults wearing braces is quite a common sight nowadays. Many adults consider braces as a gift to themselves — one that lasts and has appearance-enhancing benefits.

How to Care for Traditional Braces

As food can get trapped in the brackets and rubbers of your braces, it’s essential to brush and floss each day with special brushes that we give you. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is necessary during treatment. To help ensure that your smile remains straight after your braces come off, we will likely recommend that you wear a retainer.

Consultations Available

If you’d like to smile with more confidence, contact us today to book a consultation!



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