The Importance of High Saliva Flow

Saliva is an essential tool for protecting your mouth from harmful bacteria building up. After consuming a meal, food debris can remain inside the mouth and within your teeth. Your mouth eventually becomes clean when saliva inside your mouthwashes away the debris, reducing harmful bacteria levels.

Saliva contains enzymes that help to breakdown food digestion. Thes enzymes help to soften and break down the food you consume, storing it within the body as energy.

Saliva is most commonly overlooked, but they play an essential role in your oral health. Here’s how.

patient saliva test

Remineralize Enamel

Saliva helps minerals reassimilate with the teeth. The two minerals that support remineralization of enamel is calcium and phosphate and it is important that you consume foods containing these properties because “gates” within bodily fluids such as saliva open up. If this doesn’t happen, you’re likely to experience dry mouth. Calcium and phosphate foods include milk and dairy, fish and leafy green vegetables.

Saliva Prevents Dry Mouth

Having dry mouth can lead to tooth decay. Saliva washes down food debris that remains on teeth after eating. Debris remaining on teeth will eventually turn to plaque, harden to tartar and combine with harmful bacteria and sugars to attack your enamel. Saliva reduces these chances. Therefore, high saliva flow is important.

Lubricate Soft Tissue

When the soft tissues are lubricated, it means that the underlying tissue becomes more comfortable. When saliva is continuously produced, it keeps the lubrication consistent.


A Strong Oral Routine Is Essential

For adequate saliva production, strong oral hygiene is essential. This includes ensuring that you brush and floss your teeth twice a day, rinse your mouth after a meal and floss within the teeth to avoid debris becoming stuck. Drinking water regularly is also important to keep the salivary glands moist. If you want your oral health to remain strong which includes keeping away from adverse oral health conditions, ensure you’re carrying our strong oral hygiene every day.

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