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Teeth Whitening

group of people smilingWould you like to beam brighter with more confidence? At Parkdale Family Dental, we can help you achieve your smile-enhancing goals with teeth whitening. Whether you’re looking to refresh your appearance before a special event or just want to revitalise your smile, we can help.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

While it may be tempting to purchase an over-the-counter teeth whitening option such as strips, gels or toothpastes, we advise seeing your dentist. One of the primary reasons why we recommend this approach is because your dentist can make sure that your mouth is healthy before the whitening process. For example, you may have an oral health concern that must be addressed first.

Your dentist also is well informed about the many different types of whitening products on the market and the results you can expect to achieve with each one.

Get a Brilliant Smile in an Hour

Rest assured that we only recommend products that we use ourselves. That’s why we provide patients with Pola Teeth Whitening. The results we’ve experienced are stunning. One of the primary reasons we chose this brand is that it gets exceptional results but has low sensitivity, as opposed to some other whitening treatments.

Whitening has never been more convenient. Imagine being able to achieve a gorgeous smile in about 60 minutes! With Pola Teeth Whitening, you can easily fit this treatment into your schedule. You can come in before or after work, during your lunch break or on a Saturday morning. Because you can expect to enjoy your whiter teeth for up to two years, Pola Teeth Whitening is an excellent investment.

Dr Nidhi Ramroop -Consultation

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If you’d like to get a megawatt smile as bright as the Australian sun, we invite you to book an appointment at our Parkdale practice to get started!



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