Dental Check-up and Cleaning in Parkdale

Can you remember the last time you came in for a dental cleaning or checkup? Are you experiencing tooth pain or mouth sensitivity? Regular preventative care is the key to good long-term oral health. With teeth cleanings and regular checkups, say hello to a sparkling, healthy smile.

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Why Do I Need Regular Checkups?

The integrity of your teeth and gums requires regular maintenance like anything else. Your gums do more than support your teeth; healthy gums also prevent diseases like diabetes and contribute to a more efficient circulatory system.

Over time, poor oral health can lead to problems that affect your entire body, like cardiovascular issues. Neglecting brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist can cause your gums to fill with bacteria. This bacteria will grow, and issues can arise from inhaling the particles.

Gum disease is also linked to high blood sugar levels, which can affect anyone, especially individuals with diabetes. The inflammation that can occur in the gums makes the immune system more vulnerable and contributes to arthritis and kidney disease. Early prevention treatment is essential because the condition can start with no warning signs.

Routine visits to your dentist for preventative care, checkups, and cleaning promote the longevity of your teeth, maintain a healthy immune system, and minimize the need for more expensive treatments down the road.

What Kind of Care Is Available?

When you come for a checkup, we use several steps to do a thorough examination and cleaning.

  • Assessment. Your appointment begins with assessing the inside of your mouth for inflammation, cavities, or other areas of concern.
  • Cleaning. Using specialized equipment to eliminate bacteria build-up, staining, plaque, and tartar between the gum lines.
  • Polishing. The hygienist finishes your cleaning by polishing your teeth with a gritty paste that works like a gentle scrubber, flossing, and rinsing.

After the cleaning, your dentist will examine you. In this process, we will also look at the structure of your teeth. We check for any cracking and signs of decay, inspect for uncommon wear on the teeth, and complete a bite analysis to ensure correct jaw alignment. A moulding or wax template reflects how your teeth align when you bite down. A misaligned jaw can cause crooked teeth, jaw pain, or other serious issues.

The dentist will review your chart and previous dental history for any existing concerns or treatments required in future examinations or cleanings. We also provide thorough instructions on preventative maintenance that you can do at home to keep you on track. If needed, we offer digital X-rays to target problem areas.

If your dentist believes you may be at risk for oral cancer, they may recommend a thorough examination. Because oral cancer symptoms do not show up until it has advanced, preventative care and early treatment are most effective. The dentist examines the oral tissue in your mouth, including the tongue, gums, and palate, to identify any irregularities or warning signs.

What Is Gum Disease or Gingivitis?

Also called gum disease, the periodontal disease called Gingivitis causes inflammation around the gums. Bacteria can form when food gets stuck between the teeth and gums. If left untreated, the germs will turn into plaque and spread, causing:

  • irritation
  • swelling
  • redness

These can result in loss of teeth, chewing pain, and bad breath. Early detection is the key to prevention, and establishing a proper treatment plan will promote future oral health wellness.

When Should I Schedule an Appointment?

We highly recommend professional deep cleanings every six months. Regularly scheduled maintenance will help prevent diseases and avoid more problematic treatments in the future.

Having an at-home regimen will also contribute to the longevity of your oral health. The plan should include a thorough brushing and flossing schedule twice a day and after meals. We recommend that you use toothpaste containing fluoride to keep your teeth healthy, strong, and white and keep your healthy smile a priority.

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