5 Tips to Keep Your Pearly Whites Holiday Healthy

With holiday buffet tables brimming with pies, desserts and other decadent delectables, one’s waistline isn’t the only thing to keep in check. Your teeth can be susceptible to decay as seasonal treats can sour one’s smile.

Here are five easy tips to remember to ensure your teeth are fortified against a not-so-sweet onslaught:

Make H2O your beverage of choice. Not only can choosing water reduce caloric consumption but it can help to wash away decay-causing plaque. Saying no to sugary cocktails also can help to protect your teeth.

Snack smart. Consider eating like Santa’s reindeer. Baby carrots not only provide a satisfying crunch but they can help keep your teeth clean. Apples and celery are also excellent choices.

Maintain good oral hygiene. Ensure that you don’t take a holiday from everyday brushing and flossing. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day (for two minutes at a time) and flossing once a day are smile-friendly habits that you will want to engage in year-round.

Choose calcium-rich foods. Cheese, almonds, greens such as kale, okra and spinach are all good sources of calcium. Consider eating more of these during holiday get-togethers and less of sticky foods such as dried fruit and hard treats.

Remember to keep your dental appointment. Though shopping and entertaining may be high on your holiday to-do list, don’t forego an essential must-do — visiting us for a checkup. We can recommend enamel-strengthening toothpaste that can help to fortify your teeth.
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