Get the Most Out of Your Dental Crowns: How Long Do They Last?

Get the Most Out of Your Dental Crowns: How Long Do They Last?

Dental crowns are a common and popular form of dental restoration used to strengthen and protect teeth damaged by decay, cracking, or trauma. Crowns are typically made from porcelain or ceramic, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to provide a natural look. This article will delve into the details of […]

Bad Breath Remedies At Home


Bad breath is something everyone experiences at some point in their lives. It is an uncomfortable feeling and can cause low self-esteem. Money is spent on mouthwash and mints to overcoat the bad odours. Although, is it something more serious? If you find that the bad odours in your mouth are a regular occurrence, it […]

Causes of Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Lady with bad breath

Halitosis, the formal term for bad breath, is very common amongst adults, but it is also treatable. If you’re wondering whether bad breath is actually a condition, then you’ve thought right. Sometimes, as adults, we tend to eat foods that can lead to bad breath, however, there is more to it. Halitosis can also be […]

How Drinking Water Benefits Oral Health

Healthy teeth with water

Whilst you may be taking the essential oral hygiene steps such as brushing and flossing your teeth, you could be missing a key step that can strengthen your oral health even further. That is drinking water. Dentists highly recommend consuming water throughout every day. Not just consuming it with a meal but as a healthy […]

How To Keep Enamel Strong?


The enamel acts as a protective outer layer to keep your teeth away from decay and ensure the underlying dentin doesn’t become exposed. The dentin becomes exposed once the enamel covering becomes thinner, providing less protection. When this happens, your oral health is exposed to dangerous complications. Wearing a smile demonstrates high self-confidence and overall […]

Calcium-Rich Foods For Oral Health


Whilst brushing and flossing teeth regularly is one of the best practices for healthy teeth and maintaining your oral health, the foods you consume are just as important. One of the most important nutrients for healthy teeth is calcium. To keep your teeth white and strong, the enamel needs the appropriate nutrients in order to […]

Read How To Ease Kids Anxiety Before Their Dental Appointment

General Dentistry Parkdale

Anxiety amongst kids before they visit the dentist is a natural feeling to experience. Kids’ dentistry can be frightening for kids. This is especially if they don’t know what to expect because kids need continuity and routine to feel relaxed. When something new occurs in their life, they need support to get through it. The […]

Do You Need Tooth Extraction Treatment?

Tooth Extraction

If a tooth is severely decayed or damaged, the chances are that you’ll need tooth extraction treatment. Tooth extraction is typically a last resort solution for your oral health if the tooth is damaged beyond repair. Usually, the oral surgeon will look to preserve as much of the tooth as possible to avoid taking the […]

Opening The Door To A Better Smile With Dentures

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Dentures are one of those procedures that can save all kinds of teeth. The main benefit with dentures is they’re a natural restorative form of treatment. Thanks to modern dental technology, dentures look so much better than they used to. In the past, a key concern for denture patients is that they don’t fit comfortably. […]