Dental Emergency in Parkdale

When tooth pain strikes, having a trusted, experienced emergency dentist is essential. If you have an accident or are experiencing sudden mouth pain, you want to know that you have someone to turn to who can assess the situation and treat you immediately. The friendly team at Parkdale Family Dental understands how stressful tooth pain can be, and our goal is optimal oral health.

Call our experienced emergency dentist in Parkdale, Victoria, for relief from toothaches and dental emergencies.

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When Do I Need Emergency Dental Care?

First, confirm that your dental situation is an emergency. For example, although necessary to repair, a chipped tooth can often wait if you are not in pain. If you are experiencing pain or sharp tooth fragments poking out of the socket that could cause damage to your gums or mouth, you need to call. Toothaches can also be tricky to classify as “emergencies.” If there is no facial swelling, blood around the mouth, or a fever, it may not be an emergency.

Sports injuries are a frequent cause of tooth issues, and if the tooth is already stressed, even eating can create a fracture. Other emergencies that require immediate attention by your dentist are:

  • fever with mouth pain
  • pain when you open your mouth
  • bleeding gums or teeth
  • swelling around your face
  • hot or cold sensitivity while eating, breathing, or speaking

Impacted teeth may also be considered situations worthy of a visit to an emergency dentist. These can feel very painful, and you may need quick relief. Your provider can advise you on pain management, but depending on how complex your need is, they may refer you to a specialist.

If you have had a tooth knocked out, you can try to connect the tooth to the gum but avoid contact with the nerve endings. If you are unable to, keep it in a glass of milk. The milk has certain sugars and proteins that will help keep the tooth alive until you can get to your dentist. We can also assist with broken dentures, damaged teeth, implants, or crowns. These circumstances can be alarming and painful, so we recommend giving us a call so that we can advise you on the best course of action.

What If There Is a Dental Emergency with My Child?

For children’s dental emergencies, respond in the same way you would for an adult. If a young child or infant has a knocked-out tooth, do not try to put the tooth back in the socket because gum damage can occur, or they may swallow the tooth. Instead, remain calm and make an appointment with your family dentist to assess the next steps.

How Do I Handle an Emergency?

Symptoms can vary with tooth emergencies, but if you are experiencing other issues such as breathing difficulty, severe swelling, or fever, call immediately. Using over the counter medications can be beneficial for swelling or fever, and if you are bleeding, make sure you control it with a clean cloth or gauze. Use sterile material and apply pressure on the wound to help reduce the flow of blood.

Give us a call, and we will get you in to see the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Remember, there is almost always a way to fix any dental problems, so remain calm and follow the proper protocol to help keep you safe until your dentist can see you.

Is There Dental Service Emergency Availability?

Parkdale Family Dentistry offers general dentistry services, but we always keep some appointment slots open for emergencies. When you call in, provide specific information about what occurred and what your symptoms are. Oral health is complex, so our questions will help determine how soon you need to see the emergency dentist. At the same time, we will offer you recommendations on pain management and further instructions on what to do until your appointment time.

Let Parkdale Family Dental’s emergency dentist in Parkdale, Victoria, be part of your action plan when you experience tooth pain. Call (03) 9580 2036 right away for treatment of dental emergencies.